Qatar's Haj Mission leaves for Makkah
June 24 2022 11:34 PM
Qatari Haj Mission


Qatar's official Haj (pilgrimage) Mission Friday headed for the holy city of Makkah to ensure appropriate conditions for pilgrims from Qatar so that they can perform the Haj this year with comfort and ease.
The Qatari Haj Mission operates through its headquarters in the Aziziyah neighbourhood in Makkah.
The official mission provides multiple services to pilgrims from Qatar through its units and committees.
All units of the mission work intensively, during the Haj period to ensure that the campaign owners meet the required conditions and standards in terms of providing means of care and safety for pilgrims and adequate housing, in accordance with what is stipulated in the contracts concluded with them.
The mission provides a variety of services to pilgrims from Qatar, including in areas of awareness, guidance and health services for necessary treatments, medical instructions and awareness that contribute to maintaining the pilgrims' health and safety. They also offer support and assistance through the pilgrims call centre and support unit.
The call centre forms a link between the service units of the Qatari Haj Mission on the one hand, and the country's pilgrims and their campaigns on the other, with regard to the Haj season, including legal Fatwas, medical advice, instructions for campaign sites and ways to access them when needed. The mission ensure pilgrims from Qatar are able to perform their rituals in the best possible conditions. They also make make observations and proposals to develop programmes and mechanisms for enhancing the functioning of Qatari campaigns in the future.
The first batch of the mission left for the Holy Land a few days ago to prepare the headquarters of the support units of the mission and to arrange all matters related to the Qatari campaigns in Makkah and the holy sites.

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