Under Amir's leadership, Qatar takes pride of place in the world
June 24 2022 10:34 PM
His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani
Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani


* 9th anniversary of His Highness the Amir's accession to rein
*Achievements and successes beyond expectations in political, economic, social and sports fields

"If we make major investments and do not obtain appropriate results, we should not pass over that unnoticed." This is what was stated in the speech of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, on Wednesday, June 26, 2013, on the occasion of his assumption of power in the country.
Nine years after His Highness the Amir took office on June 25, 2013, the results achieved have exceeded all expectations and exceeded aspirations until the State of Qatar became under his wise leadership in the ranks of developed countries at all levels.
The 9th anniversary of the Amir's accession to the reins of government comes at a time when Qatar is reaping more political, economic, social and sports achievements and successes, as a result of plans, strategic visions and aspirations for the future of a nation that walks the path of excellence and a continuation of the advanced and enlightened thought set by His Highness the Father Amir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, the builder of the modern renaissance of Qatar.

Nine years ago, Qatar, under the leadership of His Highness the Amir, embarked on a new journey for economic, social, cultural and sports advancement and in various fields, until the name of Qatar became frequent in all international forums as a role model for growth and development.
The Amir's achievements during the nine years were not limited to the local issue, but extended to reach all parts of the world, to clearly reflect the originality and genius of the continuous journey of work and effort initiated by the founder Sheikh Jassim bin Mohamed bin Thani, may God have mercy on him, passing through all the leaders of Qatar who walked the path and achieved the desired goal.