Pearl diving event for children at Katara beach
April 26 2018 09:48 PM
A group of children participating in the contest
A group of children participating in the contest


The fourth edition of the pearl diving competition for children (Al Meena) began at Katara beach Thursday  afternoon.

Seven teams comprising 117 children aged 10 to 14 years are participating.

The traditional event adds to Katara’s Seventh Senyar Festival which concluded recently.

Before starting their voyage to the sea in traditional boats, the children were briefed on the rules and regulations of the contest as well as the traditions related to pearl diving.

As per the rules, the contestants may dive in a maximum depth of 1.5m in the sea.

Mubarak al-Hajri, head of the organising committee, also gave them tips on safety procedures related to pearl diving and advised them to perform Islamic rituals like the five-time prayers during the event.

The children will spend two days and nights in the sea and return by tomorrow afternoon after completing the competition.

A closing ceremony (Ghaffal) will take place at Katara beach later tomorrow, during which the winners will be announced.

A large number of people, especially family members, are expected to attend the closing ceremony.

Al-Hajri said that all the children are well-trained for the competition and had shown great interest and enthusiasm.

He said the objective of the competition is to keep children acquainted with Qatari marine traditions and give them a first-hand experience of life in the sea.

Pearl diving and fishing competitions for elders were held as part of Katara’s Seventh Senyar Festival, which concluded recently.

The festival also featured a fishing competition for children.

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