Bigger Pokemon Go meet up set at Katara beach
August 15 2016 08:54 PM
The best player will receive a limited edition Pokemon Gold Card
The best player will receive a limited edition Pokemon Gold Card

A bigger Pokemon Go meet up will feature “various activities, games, and surprises” on August 19 at the Katara beach, identified by a group of players as a safe and appropriate location to catch Pokemons.

After attracting more than 500 players at the Museum of Islamic Art Park recently, the Pokemon Go Players group is organising a second gathering that will entertain not only individuals but also families and ‘groups of friends’ in the country.

“We we're all surprised to see close to 600 people in our first meet up, we were only expecting between 200 and 300 that night,” said the group’s founder, Carlo Yan. “This was a turning point to prepare longer for a bigger gathering with the help of some friends in the community.”

He stressed that they have been very cautious in using the app, which uses location services and personal data, in view of Qatar's Communications Regulatory Authority’s recent warning.

Yan noted that ‘’ will be giving away limited edition Pokemon Gold Card to the winners.

With a lot of water attraction at the venue, he added that players will enjoy catching Pokemons as they participate in a number of games and activities starting at 3pm.

He said the water games will also excite players and savour the Pokemon Go meet up experience. “They can catch Pokemons on the water or from the boats and slides.”

Some of the activities include singing of the ‘Pokemon anthem,’ water Pokemon Go hunting, water slides and boat rides, games at the Nintendo 3DS area, cosplay competition, Pokemon trivia game, and board games, among others.

The meet up will also come up with a team ranking and select the best team, as well as the top five ‘best players’ and the best Pokemon Go player, who will receive prizes and tokens.

After getting positive feedback from residents, the organisers said they are expecting the number of players to double compared with the previous event.

At the event, Yan said they will be launching a new platform for players in the country dubbed as “Qatar Gamers Club (QGC).”

“The Club will bring gaming to another level by having actual meet ups, competitions, meet new friends, and promote camaraderie,” he stressed. “Such activities will also help them to be more productive on their job,” he stressed.

While it has become a favourite pastime of many residents, some players believe that more people will be enticed to catch Pokemons in the winter and once the app is officially launched in Qatar.

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